Inspiring Business Quotes and Sayings: Their Impact and How to Use Them

To the casual observer, business practice can seem bound by rigid rules, and in some cases it is. But in others, it’s an evolving approach to new opportunities and the evolving roles of businesspeople. Unlike the values of traditional business practice, the values of evolving practice often channel the humanities as much as they do the sciences, resulting in aphorisms-also referred to as maxims, quotations, sayings, and quotes-that have value beyond literary appeal. The following quote by Bill Gates is a good example: “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”

The value of quotations to business practice

Unlike some types of quotes, the most inspiring business quotes are usually experiential. They don’t come from CEOs or professors who speak from academic degrees. Rather, they come from people who make mistakes and learn from them, or who learn from others’ mistakes. Unlike sayings that aspire to be platitudes or academic dictums, experiential sayings have daily value to emerging businesses and businesspeople, and to seasoned businesses embarking on new ventures.

When company leaders discover the value of inspiring business quotes and sayings, they look for ways to impart them to employees. Below are four scenarios for making the power of quotations impact a company’s daily operations, beginning with the most familiar one: motivational posters.

Motivational posters

Can motivational posters really work, or do they belong in the supply closet? According to Kenneth G. Brown, an associate professor of management and organizations at the University of Iowa, motivational posters can achieve their intended effect. But only if “they’re part of a broader campaign, with clearly outlined goals and a commitment from management.” For company leaders, this means replacing posters whose platitudes are Utopian, philosophically vague, or evocative of powdered wigs with posters whose wisdom applies to a campaign at hand.

A compilation of quotes

A book of business quotes is a great way to keep employees from stagnating in their tasks, especially if it’s part of a company reading program where employees meet and discuss favorite sayings from the book. Company reading programs are nothing new. But they often focus on books that employees skim through instead of reading in full. Unlike a standard prose work, which could take some employees days to read, a book of quotations lets employees invest only a few minutes of time.

Motivational speeches

Some motivational speakers serve up aphorisms like McDonald’s serve up hamburgers. But good speakers know that too many aphorisms can overwhelm the audience, preventing them from remembering even one. As with motivational posters, the key to using aphorisms in motivational speeches is to associate them with a particular campaign, or a company philosophy.

Quotations via email

One of the first things professionals do as they start their workday is check their email. This makes email an ideal way to deliver inspiring business quotes for employees to keep in mind as they go through the day. Over time, emailing quotations can do more than entertain employees with unique perspectives; it can help them incorporate new perspectives on daily business practice.

Inspirational Business Quotes and Their Relevance

Many inspirational materials are used by individuals as their guides. When it comes to improving business, quotes, texts and passages are sometimes integrated with the game plans and cultures of some companies. One must ask if they really do help the individual.

People in managerial positions are not merely decision makers on their own accord. They consult different factors before making a final decision. Factors include policies, employees and budget constraints, all elements affected by decisions. Naturally, the impact of their decisions would not only affect the internal environments of their companies, but their external surroundings. Thus, certain things must be looked at before coming to any decisions.

On the other hand, there are managers who also consider motivational business quotes as part of their guides. They look for quotes and use them in different ways. One way to use them is in dealing with their subordinates and other people that are part of their organizations.

There are people who like to look at the success and performances of the others. They look at successful people as icons, and soon these success stories become their idols. It is happening more often that the words of successful and iconic people are quoted.

These quotations are then used by others to influence the people around them. They have very strong appeal especially when it comes from someone whose name is mentioned in all corners of the globe. Furthermore, passages that talk about obstacles and triumphs can really touch individuals especially those that are still at the early stage of their journey.

Some business quotes are also used as part of the inspirations in achieving the goals of the company. There are organizations that believe by looking at the experiences of others, they would have an idea of what to expect and how to deal with certain situations.

Inspirational quotes are created from the experiences of others. They are usually about the personal battles of the individual, and how they rose above those obstacles. They can instill optimism to the leaders of companies, helping them look at the brighter side of hindrances rather than get pulled down by problematic scenarios. Most importantly, instead of looking at dire situations as obstructions, these individuals will view them as challenges that can strengthen the core of their organizations.

In some cases, business quotes are used as motivational weapons for the internal culture of different organizations. Some organizations look at these quotes as philosophies they can integrate in their company.

Motivational business quotes generally talk about achieving success without having to create friction with others. By adopting these sayings, businesses can spend more time on working towards their objectives rather than telling people what they have to do and how they should act or perform in the workplace.

As part of the philosophies and cultures that are circulating in companies, these quotes would serve as reminders to people. They can help in achieving a good working environment that would inspire people to tend to their responsibilities and work as teams rather than individually.

Finally, they can inculcate better working and social behavior to all members of different organizations. Instead of pulling each other down, these inspirational quotes would serve as clues on how they can attain personal success while keeping their values intact.

Business Quotes Can Encourage People to Invest in Your Company

Self promoting an idea or your company is the key to being successful. Anyone who has ever needed capital for a new product or service has had to pitch their idea to possible investors. Companies fight every day to get a little piece of the investment money they need to move their company forward. Using effective marketing skills can help you get your message out to potential investors and make your venture more attractive to investors.

Some work may be required before you get the opportunity to present your company in person. A pitch letter is normally the first impression you will leave on potential investors. It should be well-crafted and make your opportunity seem promising and worth while. A bad pitch letter can prevent you from being taken seriously and getting an appointment. An opportunity sheet can then be created providing reasons as to why your company is a sound and promising investment. Use it as a handout for your initial presentation.

Once you have snagged an appointment with investors and have made notes as to why they should invest in your company or idea, it is time to put together a sound presentation that will sell your company and help you get the capital you need. You want to tell a story about your company so the investors can connect with you and want to become involved. To accomplish this, you must be more personal with them. Reading off of slides or note cards consistently is not a good idea.

Investors are looking for ways they will benefit by investing in your company. You must demonstrate to them the potential profits your business can make. Also show them that a demand does exist for your product or service. You can use statistics from census and economic reports as well as articles from the Internet and news services. Go over your marketing plan to show them how you plan on selling your product or service. Use your presentation to demonstrate strengths and industry experience that will help you be successful. Give the investors an outline of how your business will operate and what the budget will be during the initial start-up period. Use white papers, case studies, and other information to help support your claims and ideas. These things will give them valuable information that will help them understand your plans for the company and feel more secure with investing in it.

Motivational business quotes can be used to show them your passion and the values of your company. They will capture the investors’ attention and help convey what your company is all about. Quotes can be a positive influence on your audience and convince the investors to give your company a chance. Pick a quote from a business quote book or another source that supports your opportunity and makes it more appealing to the investors. Explain how it applies to your company and the opportunity itself. Quotes tend to increase energy and can persuade people to become involved. Choosing a good quote and applying it correctly could be the difference between a yes or no in the world of investing.

Create Interest in Your Company With a Motivational Business Quote

Recruiting employees when they are finishing school can be a challenge. They are still trying to figure out where they want to be in life and what their goals are. Three things normally catch their eye right away. These include income, benefits, and location. Since many companies are looking for the best students in the class to fill positions, raising interest and making your company more appealing should be your goal. Even though tangible things are the biggest concern of most prospective employees, there is one other aspect of a company that can greatly influence a college student’s work choice upon graduating. This is a positive work environment where people strive to achieve common goals and work as a team.

College career fairs serve as a place for employers to meet with job seekers. Booths or tables are set up for information to be passed back and forth. Companies hand out business cards, brochures, and other information about themselves and accept resumes and other information from prospective employees. Most college career fairs are used to recruit employees for entry level positions. They serve as a suitable place for students to go through the initial interview process with employers. Employers benefit as well because they have an abundance of people to choose from for the positions they have open.

The biggest obstacle you have to deal with at a career fair is getting noticed and standing out from the other competing companies. Signs and posters are one way to do this because they can be used to catch a person’s eye and get them to make their way to your booth. Once they are interested you can then tell them about your benefits, what you look for in an employee, and positions you are looking to fill. You can explain the benefits of a team environment and how you challenge your employees to do their best. The key is getting people to give you the opportunity to tell them all the wonderful things about your company. Then you can entice them with your positive work environment and the benefits you offer.

Motivational business quotes can be used in many ways to help make your company one of the most desired to work for. Why are they affective? Quotes help instill a positive attitude that encourages people to perform better and reach goals. The right quote can help them connect to your company on a personal level and increase their desire to work for you. It can also paint a picture of how your company works and the values you promote. Quotes can be put on posters as a way to grab the student’s attention and gain their interest. Put them on brochures or business cards to make your company more memorable and personal to them. Use a business quote book before the event to find the quotes that suit your company’s goals and values. This way anyone interested will easily get an idea of what you represent and will know if you are what they are looking for in an employer.

Make Your Presentation Memorable With a Business Quote

A presentation can be tricky task to master and sometimes a quote can make it or break it. In business, you want the presentation to be perfect and make its mark. Why is it so important? Presentations in the business world are given to business partners, at public conferences, and to prospective buyers and investors. A bad presentation can cause disinterest, leave a bad impression of the company, and possibly even loss of money.

Quotes are beneficial to a presentation because they can be used as a valuable way to grab your audience’s attention. Use them as an additional resource to the presentation and as a way to emphasize ideas and create a positive view of what is being presented. Witty quotes are often made by someone famous. Because of this no one will question the authenticity and the presentation will come across with more importance. It is very important to make sure the person being quoted has authority in the subject and that the quote is applicable to what you are speaking about.

When using quotes one thing you do not want to do is stretch them to fit the point. Don’t depend on them alone to make the speech and stay away from common expressions. Choose something unique that makes the presentation stand out. If the expression is too common, it will not be noticed and be noticeable because too many people have used it. Remember that quotes should be used as a motivational and inspirational tool for acceptance of the idea being presented. Use them at the beginning of the presentation to get your audience’s attention or at the end to leave your mark. Do not overuse them because it will harm the overall presentation.

Imagine having an important meeting with investors. These people will decide if a new product will get the green light. It is very important to impress them and leave them with a good feeling about your company and the idea you are selling. The most important part of this meeting is an effective presentation full of good facts and reasons why the product will be desired by customers. It should also tell how the new product or idea will bring in great revenue. This is all good information but often these items are hard to remember. Catch the eye of your investors by ending with a witty quote that excites them about the product and helps them remember by association. This is not only a good way to reach investors. Use them in any business related speeches such as promotional booths, business meetings, charity events, and product announcements.

You want to make as big of an impact as possible on anyone associated with your business. Quotes are motivational, inspiring, positive, and make the presentation more memorable. Use them effectively and they will provide positive results for your company’s ventures. Start your own collection of witty quotes and begin contemplating the effect they can have on your business today and in the future.

Famous Business Quotes on Success: Their Impact on Businesspeople

“Nothing succeeds like success,” said Oscar Wilde. Was he right? In a world where ambitious people practice the habits of successful people with mixed results, perhaps he was, at least somewhat. While Wilde’s statement isn’t irrefutable (few aphorisms are), according to reality and not just business theory, it still holds truth. What a businessperson might see in Wilde’s statement is this: the key to continued success isn’t continually reinventing one’s ambitions; it’s continually translating the success one already has into new opportunities. The statement reveals a truth about success and in doing so communicates a philosophy for sustained success.

The impact of business quotes in the workplace

The paragraph above shows how a company leader might deconstruct a famous quote to apply it to product development, sales strategy, project management, or other concerns. When used in this manner, business quotes usually have one of two aims: to add credibility to a present perspective, or to initiate a new perspective, one that employees need to be “on board” with. In either case, famous quotations on success can help employees to perceive company vision amid the burden of daily tasks, positively impacting their outlook and heir work. Below are four ways famous business quotes can make a difference in the workplace.

Improved morale

Every company has its ups and downs in the morale department. But how quickly it recovers from the downs depends on its ability to turn hopelessness into hopefulness, making employees feel motivated again. While things such as raises, new client contracts, and better project management can all be superior motivators, it’s important to encourage motivation on an intellectual level as well. Business quotes can cut through the cares of the day to remind employees how to work and what they’re working for.

Improved perspective

Instead of seeing company vision, all that some employees see are the walls of a cubicle. For employees that perform repetitive work, the feeling of being a hamster on a treadmill can grow ominous, leading to negative behavior such as calling in sick to avoid work and incessant fault finding. Famous business quotes can improve the quality of someone’s work. But when strategically chosen, they can improve employees’ perspective on company goals and philosophy, and remind them why their role is important.

Improved insight

Famous business quotes on success can improve employees’ insight on what it takes to succeed. For example, consider the following quote by Peter Drucker: “Most of what we call management consists of making it difficult for people to get their work done.” When employees are cerebral about their duties, stagnant practices are less likely set in. Strategic business quotes can help employees remain cerebral.

Improved motivation

Improving motivation with business quotes is about context. While the platitudinous quotations found on motivational posters rarely motivate, quotations that apply to a campaign or a company philosophy often do. When a quotation’s wisdom addresses a particular need or question, or reinforces a company value, it can increase employees’ confidence in their work and with it, their motivation.

Gifts With Motivational Business Quotes Can Be Used to Recognize Employees Dedication and Hard Work

Sometimes your employees need to feel like their hard work is noticed and appreciated in order for their morale to be boosted. The expectations created by today’s society often cause people to be pressed for time and have high stress. With work and outside influences constantly putting pressure on your employees, it is very important to reward them for their hard work and contributions to the company. The frailty of our economy has had a great impact on employee morale in the workplace. Employees are in fear of being out performed or not needed and losing their jobs. They have heard or seen this happen to many people over the past year. As their employer, it is your job to recognize their contributions to the company and do things to keep them motivated and positive at work.

Giving your employees gifts of appreciation is one great way to motivate them and boost morale. Many companies are throwing out the normal company logo mug or pen and finding more unique and personalized gifts to give their employees. Recognition and appreciation gifts have taken a turn and are now geared toward each individual employee’s style and personal taste. A more personalized gift will show them their hard work is recognized and appreciated. They will in turn strive to work harder and continue to be productive in achieving company goals.

Gifts can be made to be more inspiring with the use of motivational business quotes. Quotes can increase employee morale and motivate them to be even more productive. Every time they use their inspirational gift, they will see the quote and it will help provide them with a more positive attitude and outlook on life. They have been proven over the years to remove negative thoughts and create a more positive attitude in individuals. Employees use them to help get prepared for each day and deal with challenges at work and outside of work. Give them a motivational business quote book as a gift. You can also choose a specific quote that reflects on their contributions to the company and have it engraved on a more personalized gift.

An employee who does not feel appreciated can actually cause problems for themselves and the company. Their attitude will be very negative and others will have a hard time working with them. Productivity will decrease and an employee who was once very valuable to the company could become less of an asset. Projects could suffer and the overall business’s success could be hampered if nothing is done. It makes more sense to praise employees when they deserve it than to let them slip through the cracks and lose their motivation and ability to perform well at their job. Keeping your employees motivated ensures increased productivity, job satisfaction, and high morale. A recognition item with a special motivational quote can be just what your hard working employees need to continue to succeed and help the company thrive. It takes very little time or money to show your employees they are important and the benefits the company receives by doing so are well worth it.